Friday, July 6, 2012

face reading:EYE BROWS

" before Sigmund Freud introduced psychiatry to western medicine ,face reading was the only system used throughout the world for understanding people's character"

From the earliest times human being have had read each others face to survive.Face reading can be useful for finding talents or what are you good at.This can give real indication for your personal styles.When it comes to   a particular job ,personal-style varies man-to-man. this different style teaches us many things  about ourselves and how can we hone our talents by assimilating useful ingredients which we see others apply.Half of a life lesson involves learning to recognize and use our talents effectively, no matter how much or how less talented we are .On the other hand face-reading helps us to understand how to handle the flip-side of talent.

If you want to start reading faces , eye-brows  are the good part to begin with.thinking patterns can be understood by the eye-brows. as we all know our thinking pattern defines what kind of person we are.when reading eyebrows , experts' has advices to observe them individually.Then only we can find the amount of hair , the shape , hair distribution  clearly.

"Distribution of hair tells how a person handles details.The pattern that shows on one physical eyebrows parallels the pattern that will show with one real life project"- Rose Rosetree.
 According to Barbara Roberts , eye brows  say the degree of friendliness.over all eye brows represents basic character and nature.

people with eye brows that starts thick but fades away at the end has the talent to start new project but often finds it difficult to finish what they have started ,due to lack of interest at the middle.If the eyebrows thins out half way across,typically the person will loose interest half-way through project. We need to see the eyebrows carefully to understand  that.other than  that , these people are quick to take decisions.

In my case just at the start of the brows ,hair distribution is not that thick but through most of the length its hairy.I am bit pragmatic when it comes to start a new project,I confess.but if I start any thing I always finish that.This delay-at-the-beginning can happen due to many reasons.I am bit perfectionist, cautious but I really prefer a well-thought-out plan to work on.Quick and dirty jobs are not for me.who ever has this type of brows will admit that they might take time to get in to the motion but their end results are generally "perfect " in nature.

There are another group of brows which fall in between these two groups-- a well distributed hairy brows.
These people can handle details well and they starts and finishes projects with ease. Often  their taught flows smoothly.But these people lacks the tolerance, for the people who are not like them.because they tend to think, if it was easy for them , that means its easy for every body.its not the case in reality. specially when it comes to the two category discusses above.

The lesson of face-reading or any subject that deals with INDIVIDUALITY, often teaches us when to tolerate, how to cultivate patience in order to deal with others. 

Lets look at the over all hairy-ness.The amount of the hair  shows how much details a person can handle at any given time.The more thicker it is the more intellectual the person is.These people can juggle many projects at the same time.They like complexity.They tend to get noticed for their intellectual power.Bushy eye-brows  can be abrupt .dominating, intense.

On the other hand  a thinner eye brows are not much of a multitasker. they love simplicity. they  are adaptable and less bullish.these people  can be sensitive.  gentle and  they easily get anxious.

question: can you  tell what kind of eyebrows the woman in the picture has?

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